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Now Fraudsters launched a fake website in the name of Anandaiah, who was popularly known for his ayurvedic covid medicines, Last week Andhra Pradesh government  took a decision to avoid mass gatherings for the medicines at Krishnapatnam, and decided to make a web portal to book medicines

Fraudsters took this as an opportunity to make a fake website and start a cyber financial fraud campaign,

here is the story that you have to know


Anandaiah fake covid website busted

let us tell you the story of Anandaiah

Anandaiah is well known for his ayurvedic covid medicine, who belongs to Krishnapatnam in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh, in the May of 2021, his Popularity increased over social media and news debates for his free covid treatment, where people rushed to Krishnapatnam for the medicines

later Andhra Pradesh government temporarily stopped the distribution of the Anandaiah medicines, the government decided to take the examination,  after knowing the medicine is harmless and later approved the distribution of the medicines, due to mass gatherings govt told the media that they will be creating an online portal for the medicines where you can book online and avail the medicines at your home.


Fake website created by fraudsters

Fraudsters launched a website promising delivery of the medicines, This news came after  a viral message spreading over social media


The website claimed that they are providing Anandaiah medicine on their website, at the same time they promoted their website over social media platforms such Whatsapp and Youtube

on June 2nd, Akhilesh Kumar a Social Activist and Cyber Forensics investigator found that the website is misleading and said there is no such web portal launched for anandaiah medicine booking



Official Account of Fact Check Wing of Government of Andhra Pradesh also tweeted claiming the website is misleading 



later the website goes offline and displayed

Site is under construction.
We will get back soon.


here is a snapshot was taken by our team from the Archived webpage



The story not yet over, here what our team found

According to Public whois data, The website was registered on May 21, which shows Sesritha Technologies Pvt Ltd as Registrant Organisation, Regisriant state as Andhra Pradesh,

in the bottom of the site displays “Powered by”

as didn’t notice any cyber fraud with that website, we decided not to dig deep

how to book anandaiah medicine online

As of now, there is no such web portal created for online booking of Anandiah covid medicine, once the web portal is ready then it will be announced on Arogya Andhra Twitter handle and Arogya Andhra Official website of Andhra Pradesh health department

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